Candy Hole: Episode 1 - Candy is Good

The AWN Media Center brain trust has scoured the Net looking for Web animation from 2007 that we feel needs to be seen. Witness what special treats we have found.

L'eau de Rose

Love tales for the smitten... and the skeptic.

Directions - Bret Farley

Watch the shorts from the second AnimClips Challenge.

Stylin - AaronCMT

Watch the shorts from the third AnimClips Challenge.

Promotion - Dave H. Shovlin

Watch the shorts from the fourth AnimClips Challenge.


View work from filmmakers profiled on AnimWatch.


Here are 10 of our faves from the festival circuit.

FJORG! A Documentary

Watch the films of FJORG!, SIGGRAPH 2007’s 32-hour animation competition.

The Invasion - Trailer

Trailer and clips from Warner Bros.'s The Invasion.

Much More - Aaron Clement

Watch the shorts from the first AnimClips Challenge.

The Clod

Grab your BFF and LOL in this hilarious hangout

SIGGRAPH 2007 Netcast #8

fxguidetv's SIGGRAPH 2007 Netcast episodes plus the preview episode.

Popeye - Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves

A collection of the best classic cartoons from AWNtv's archives!

Autodesk Presents... Sway Studios

Check out how artists are using Autodesk software in these videos featured on AWN's Autodesk Minisite.

WALL•E – A Hero's Journey Clip

View the spots featured in AWN's 5th annual Hot Spots Showcase.

The Moon

Curb your craving for CG at CG Central


Looking for something off the beaten path? Then join us in Cafe Eclectic.

Sweet Dreams

Freaky fun and frightening flicks await just a click away.

White Noise

Check out clips from films that screened as part of the first Visual Music Marathon in 2007.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - The Maelstrom Featurette

Watch the clips featured in VFXWorld's May 2007 article on CG water.

Ratatouille – Interview with Patton Oswalt

Clips, featurettes and trailers from Disney-Pixar's Oscar-nominated Ratatouille.

Once Upon a Time

A sampling of short films from Stash DVD Magazine.

Spider-Man 3 - Final Fight

Clips, vfx progressions, interviews with the vfx and animation supervisors, and trailers/teasers from Spider-Man 3.

Shrek The Third - Good Morning Clip

Trailers and progressions fro DreamWorks' Shrek the Third.

Battle of the Album Covers - Clip

Check out trailers, interviews and vignettes from Sony Animation's Oscar-nominated Surf's Up.

Afro Samurai: Resurrection – Trailer

Check out the anime clips and trailers featured in AnimationWorld's monthly Anime Review column.

Check out short film clips from AWN's Fresh from the Festivals Vol. 12.

Dragonball Evolution – Trailer

AWNtv hooks you up with trailers from features, shorts, games and TV series.

Meet The Robinsons - The Future Featurette

Featurettes from the Disney's CG feature film, Meet The Robinsons.

The Danish Poet - Clip

View clips from the 2007 Oscar nominated animated shorts.

Honda Fit - Food Chain

Check out 50 of the best commercials from AWN's 4th annual Hot Spots Showcase.

Akumi - Episode 2 - The Hunter

In 2007, AWN curated a showcase of 20 of the best animated productions to premiere on the Web in 2006.

Superman Returns - The Making of the Shuttle Throw

Check out the clips from VFXWorld's 2006 year in review of the best in 3D environments and digital acting.