Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season 2 Teaser Trailer

All things Star Wars.

Big Buck Bunny

AWNtv gathers the best animated submissions from the past year.

Dancing Animals in Love

AWNtv becomes smitten again with another featured playlist embracing the sweet and the sour of love.

The Art of Escape

AWNtv passes along a playlist to stimulate the creative impulse via artist-themed shorts.

Hard Drinkin' Lincoln - "The Play's The Thing"

Not all leaders are presidential, at least not in this collection of presidential parodies.

Lavatory Lovestory – Clip

Watch clips and trailers from the Oscar nominated animated shorts and features.

Australia – RSP VFX Breakdowns

View the films that participated in the Academy's 2009 VFX Bakeoff.


With the awards season in full swing, AWNtv highlights award-winning animated shorts.

The Pouring Out or... Gabiru's Memories

Memories, often difficult, are disarmed through an artists' work.

Alive in Joburg

In memory of Forrest Ackerman, the man who coined the phrase "sci-fi," this week's playlist salutes the genre he championed his entire life.

Scenic View

Check out some of the best Animated Shorts from the students at the Vancouver Film School.

After Oz

With a chill in the air, it's time for shorts that look at love as a cold-hearted kick in the...

PAPU Meets Santa Claus (Smashing Holiday Special)

Warm up with these cool winter and holiday themed shorts.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Trailer

VFXWorld picks its top 10 favorite vfx movies in this year-end overview.

Persephone's Flight

Tired of the cold yet? Think warm temperatures with this dreaming of spring and summer playlist.

G-Force – Teaser

VFXWorld selects its top 10 vfx movies to look out for in 2009.

The Circle of Life

Change is something we are never spared from. So for the New Year, these animated shorts embrace change as a part of life.

Prison Dad

Absent or just plain insane, families make up this playlist for better or for worse.

Hard Boiled Chicken

Suspense! Mystery! It's a nail biter of a playlist.

Ready or Note

From Heckle and Jeckle to The Penguins of Madagascar, birds have always been on the brains of animators.

Food Fight

A nice meal or a just a cool drink are never simple in these animated food-themed adventures.

The Raven

Halloween creeps up and AWNtv screams, "The Horror! The Horror! We love scary animation."

Up – Meet The Pack Clip

Take a peek at what Pixar has been up to.

Knight Rider – First Look at Knight Rider Clip

Clips from the New 2008 series

Espresso Depresso

Feeling depressed about a possible depression? Then AWNtv has your bail out for the economic blues. Watch these films celebrating all the working stiffs out there.

Australia – Trailer

These are 2008's holiday top 10 to watch for vfx.

Roland's Trouble

Animation likes its fairy tales, but these are of the fairly odd variety.


Just because it's made for kids, doesn't mean it has to be enjoyed only by kids.

Watchmen – Trailer

Watchmen trailers, clips and journals.

Meet the Millers - Episode 1 - "Husbands Know Best"

No TiVo needed as this playlist showcases some of the craziest Web series on AWNtv!

Professional Spotlight: Phil Tippett at eDIT

Top pros in animation and visual effects talk about the industry's hot topics at the eDIT Filmmaker's Festival in Frankfurt.

Coraline – Trailer

These Coraline featurettes include everything from behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and crew to footage of the making of the film!


Aliens have invaded AWNtv! Extraterrestrial beings populate the minds of these filmmakers.

LucasArts is ready to unleash its long-awaited next Star Wars game onto the universe.

Lexus "Pop-up"

AWN's 6th annual showcase of the best in commercials, titles and music videos

Cosmonauties: Episode 4 - One Small Step

Join cosmonauts Vladik and Zory on their adventures in space.


Whether they feature political messages or just political figures, these films are ready to stand at the podium.

Doll Face

Here comes SIGGRAPH, AWNtv presents eight CG favorites from the collection.

Once Upon a Time

Hit the open road with AWNtv... avoid bugs in your teeth.

FJORG! 2008 – Documentary

Watch the films of FJORG!, SIGGRAPH 2008’s 32-hour animation competition.