Pencilmation #3: MC Hammered

The home of the hilarious Pencilmation series on AWNtv!

Terry Runders Kicks a Stone

Pal around with some of the mischief makers of AWNtv.

The Beatles Rock Band - Gameplay Trailer

Check out the great animation in the hot videogame "The Beatles: Rock Band."

Ponyo - Trailer 2

Clips and trailers from Hayao Miyazaki's latest masterpiece, "Ponyo."

The Hunt for Gollum - Birds Clip

View clips from Flint Frame's "The Hunt for Gollum" fan film.

Glenn Martin, DDS - North Star Clip 2

Clips from Nick at Nite's stop-motion series, "Glenn Martin, DDS."

Food Fight

In the spirit of Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds," AWNtv says that war is a bitch.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Trailer 2

Clips and trailers from G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

The Look of Love

Once a month, AWNtv launches a new genre war. Cast your vote for what you want to win in the video comments!

Merlin - Gaius Tests Merlin's Powers Clip

Clips from the BBC series, Merlin, which NBC airs in the U.S.

Pencilmation #3: MC Hammered

Simple design delivers a wealth of imagination.

Superhero Roommate: Episode 1: "Garbage"

When the world is in peril... don't call on these guys. AWNtv puts together a team of not-so super "heroes."

Hector Corp. - Trailer

A clip and trailer from Gary H. Lee's short comedy thriller, "Hector Corp."

Alive in Joburg

In celebration of Neil Blomkamp's film "District 9," AWNtv chronicles the no-so wonderful history of human and alien relations. Features Blomkamp's short on which "District 9" was based.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Kill Sirius Black Clip

Your haven for Harry Potter trailers, clips and featurettes.

Rock and Roll Dad - "Horny Monkeys"

In celebration of Father's Day, AWNtv highlights shorts with crappy dads so you'll love your father even more.

Head Quarters

Animators bring life to inanimate objects.

Dancing Animals in Love

In tribute to Michael Jackson, AWNtv puts together this collection of animated shorts that celebrate song and dance.

APESH!T Road Trip

AWNtv launches into a blue streak.

Alive in Joburg

AWNtv gets spaced out with a collection of interstellar animation.

Terry Runders Kicks a Stone

AWNtv celebrates the good side and dark side of animation.

The Street Magician

The creative spark creates some magic in these animated wonders.


AWNtv celebrates the ups and downs of aging.


This playlist goes primitive with cavemen, barbarians, bats and dinosaurs.

Crocodile Journals

This collection highlights some of AWNtv's best student shorts.

weRbopbop #2: Pussycat BopBop Goes on a Date

Back by popular demand, these animated girls take a trip to the wild side.

Star Trek – Trailer 3

VFX movies for summer 2009

Banana Switcheroo

Adults-only animation for your viewing pleasure.

Up – Trailer 3

The ten summer animation and visual effects features we can't wait to see.

Dandelion Dreams

AWNtv takes you to the great outdoors in this collection of animated shorts.

Up – Meet The Pack Clip

Pixar's Up, trailers, clips and 'Upisodes'

Check out short film clips from AWN's Fresh from the Festivals Vol. 14.


In celebration of DreamWorks' "Monsters vs. Aliens," AWNtv captures some monster and alien tales of its own.

Captain Amazing-Lad

Last year AWNtv showered viewers with fools and foolish things. It looks cloudy again.

There She Is!! Final Step - "Imagine"

With Oscars 09 exploding with Asian themed films, AWNtv ignites with Asian productions from its collection.

A Pug's Life

Animators' best friends are dogs too.

County Ghost - Episode 1

Witness all the misadventures of "County Ghost" on AWNtv!

Born to be Dead

Murder is back on AWNtv! The new Ides of March playlist arrives.

Monsters Vs Aliens – First Look

A collection of all the videos related to the DreamWorks feature Monsters Vs. Aliens

Emily in the Clouds

Nature always springs back. AWNtv responds again with new spring-themed vids, featuring flowers, showers, trees and bees.