Watchmen Playlist

Watchmen trailers, clips and journals.

Watchmen – Trailer

Based on the award-winning graphic novel, The Watchmen tells the tale of a rag-tag group of retired heroes determined to uncover a ploy to discredit and kill all past and present super-heroes.

Watchmen – Trailer 2

Who watches the Watchmen.

Watchmen – Video Journal 1

Alex McDowell, Production Designer for "Watchmen," gives you a glimpse into the sets and their design, explaining the approach they took for each one.

Watchmen – Video Journal 2

Michael Wilkinson, Costume Designer for "Watchmen," explains his work in taking a film that spans from 1938-1985 and how they re-created an "iconic-look" for each generation.

Watchmen – Video Journal 3

Damon Caro, Fight Choreographer and Stunt Coordinator, takes us through one of the stunts in "Watchmen" involving Stunt Performer Douglas Chapman being engulfed in REAL flames.

Watchmen – Video Journal 4

Dave Gibbons, Artist/Graphic Novelist and Creator of "Watchmen," is expresses his satisfaction in how his 2D world was brought to life around him in this film.

Watchmen – Video Journal 5

Jack Gauvreau, Head Sculpter and his team, explain how they took the 2D image of the "Owl-Ship" and made it come to life inside, outside and on the big screen!

Watchmen – Video Journal 6

DP Larry Fong, producer Deborah Snyder, director Zack Snyder, and exec producer Herb Gains explain their many approaches to the cinematography of the movie.

Watchmen – Video Journal 7

John "D.J." Des Jardin, Visual Effects Supervisor, shows some of the techniques that went into creating the character Dr. Manhattan. The only hero out of the group that has "superpowers."

Watchmen – Video Journal 8

Get into the world of Silk Specter I and II.

Watchmen – Video Journal 9

One of the brilliant things about the graphic novel are all the little Easter eggs and the attention to detail.

Watchmen – Video Journal 10

Recreating the first generation Minutemen photo.

Watchmen – Video Journal 11

Director Zack Snyder takes us behind the mask of Rorschach.

Watchmen – Video Journal 12

If you had the power to create World Peace, a world without danger of death… or danger of world annihilation, would you NOT exercise that?

Watchmen – Making Of Vietnam Battle Sequence

Sony Imageworks breaksdown the Vietnam battle sequence and how the shot was achieved.

Watchmen – Extended NCM Featurette

Director Zack Snyder takes us where justice is coming to all of us. No matter what we do.