Real Steel Playlist

Get knocked out by trailers and clips from the robot boxing flick.

Real Steel - Trailer

In the future when boxing between humans is outlawed, a former fighter goes into the world of robot boxing.

Real Steel - Trailer 2

An ex-boxer teams with his son to train a junked robot fighter.

Real Steel - Bailey Needs Rent Money Clip

Bailey needs Charlie's rent money in order to keep her gym.

Real Steel - Is That Noisy Boy? Clip

Charlie and his bot, Noisy Boy, are willing to take on any opponent.

Real Steel - You Want to Fight Midas? Clip

Charlie is convinced Noisy Boy can take on the top bot despite Max's protest.

Real Steel - Noisy Boy vs. Midas Clip

Noisy Boy takes on Midas.

Real Steel - Junkyard Clip

Charlie explains the history of bot fighting to Max as they search for spare parts in a junkyard.

Real Steel - Charlie Teaches Atom to Box Clip

Charlie teaches Atom how to box.

Real Steel - Are You Ready for Real Steel? Clip

Charlie and Atom make it to the big arena.