Priest Playlist

Check out trailers, clips and the animated prologue from the sci-fi flick, "Priest."

Priest - Trailer

In a world torn apart by war between humans and vampires, a priest goes against the Church to venture out and save his niece who was kidnapped by the bloodsuckers.

Priest - Trailer

In the future, a priest goes against church doctrine to face off against vampires that have kidnapped his niece.

Priest - Featurette

Delve into the world of "Priest."

Priest - Your Words Mean Nothing Clip

Priest faces off against some nasty vampires with his words and actions in this clip from "Priest."

Priest - Bringer of the Tide Clip

Black Hat tells who he is in this clip from "Priest."

Priest - Rope-Dart Fight Clip

Priestess faces off against baddies on bikes in this clip from "Priest."

Priest - I Got This Clip

Hicks faces off against a host of vampires in this clip from "Priest."

Priest - Prologue

Watch Genndy Tartakovsky's 2D animated prologue for the live-action vfx film, "Priest."