Fright Night Playlist

Vamp out with these trailers and clips from "Fright Night."

Fright Night - Trailer

A young man believes that his new neighbor is a vampire.

Fright Night - Shark from Jaws Clip

Charley's friend "Evil" Ed gives a lively description of what a vampire really is.

Fright Night - Neighborly Chat Clip

Jerry the vampire has a neighborly chat with Charley.

Fright Night - Penthouse Tour Clip

Charley gets a tour of Peter Vincent's penthouse and his collection of mysterious objects.

Fright Night - How to Kill a Vampire Clip

Charley inquires with an expert about killing vampires.

Fright Night - Scooby Gang Clip

Charley and Amy try to convince vampire expert Peter Vincent to join them in killing Jerry.

Fright Night - You're Son is Harrassing Me Clip

Jerry goes for a low blow and tells on Charley to his mom.

Fright Night - Jerry Creates a Fireball Clip

The fangs aren't always the most dangerous part of dealing with a vampire.

Fright Night - Lets Go Kill Something Clip

Charley head out to kill a vampire with Peter Vincent.