The Friday Five Playlist

Zoe Chevat brings you a weekly helping of 5 new animated shorts to sink your teeth into. Never dull, always different.


BUCK summons the ghost of Hunter S. Thompson in Metamorphosis. This shake-rattle-rolling spew of slick animation and rambling words was made to promote Good Books, an online retailer who pass all proceeds to Oxfam.

Kangmin Kim's evocative, dreamlink 38-39°C is no idle fantasy, but slowly builds from watery relaxation to a pulse-pounding rhythm, all while exploring the odd connections between a father and son. Finally available online after a long and worthy festival run that included Sundance 2012, the mixed-media stop motion piece effortlessly combines cutouts, vaseline-wiped lenses, and direct-on-film effects in a continuation of Kim's unique style.

Junkyard - Sneak Peak

Soft strokes of color and sharp cuts to the cranium come together in Hisko Hulsing's long short Junkyard, (preview clip). Shocking, sudden action slices through dark memories and visions, as a man reflects on the subway following a moment of violence.

Black Sun

One part martial arts stage show, one part animated projection, this video of performance group Kagemu's show Black Sun in Paris has easy appeal. Front projection of CG animation from visual designer Nobuyuki Hanabusa provides spacial depth to the interactive, shadowy spectacle.

Niki & The Dove - The Fox

The video for The Fox, from Swedish electro-pop duo Niki & The Dove and studio WINTR, stars a placidly falling body whose face morphs and sheds a host of guises. Style overcomes any questions in this CG video, in a whimsical leap of design faith.