Cars 2 Playlist

Race ahead with trailers and clips from Pixar's "Cars 2."

Cars 2 - Teaser Trailer

Lightning McQueen and Mater gets wrapped up in an international espionage scandal.

Cars 2 - Trailer 2

Lightning and Mater get wrapped up in international intrigue on the international racing circuit.

Cars 2 - Spy Cars Like Us Featurette

This featurette profiles the British spies in "Cars 2" that are convinced that Mater is an undercover American operative.

Cars 2 - Bathroom Clip

Mater really needs to use the bathroom...

Cars 2 - Carmac Clip

Mater and Finn find themselves being chased.

Cars 2 - Getting Mater Out of the Pits Clip

Its up to Holley and Finn to get Mater out of trouble.

Cars 2 - Lewis Hamilton & Jeff Gorvette Clip

Lightning runs into Lewis and Jeff.

Cars 2 - Meet Finn Clip

Mater meets Finn McMissile.

Cars 2 - Oil Rig Chase Clip

Finn McMissile finds himself in a tricky situation.

Cars 2 - Start of Tokyo Race Clip

Lightning McQueen takes part in the Tokyo Race.

Cars 2 - Tokyo Party Clip

Lightning and Mater meet the famous race car Francesco.