Brave Playlist

Trailers, clips and featurettes from the upcoming Pixar feature, Brave.

Brave "Potion Making" Clip

Merida's visit to the witch's lair brings more than she bargained for.

Brave "Wisp" Clip

Merida encounters a magical wisp that guides her on her quest.

Brave "Summer Games" Faux Commercial

An Olympic games-style commercial courtesy of the film Brave.

Brave "The Suitors" Clip

A trio of suitors, sons of leaders of the 3 other clans, are introduced to Princess Merida at court.

Brave "Advice to Elinor" Clip

King Fergus gives Queen Elinor a bit of "daughterly" advice in dealing with their stubborn daughter, Princess Merida.

Brave "Families Legend" - Trailer 3

Family is king. And the bravest journeys are never taken alone. The latest trailer for Disney/Pixar's upcoming feature, Brave.

Brave "Fergus Shares a Legend" Clip

King Fergus shares a "tall tale" with his family at the dinner table.

Brave "Kilt" Spoof Clip

A hilarious commercial spoof, "Kilt" from the upcoming Disney/Pixar feature, Brave.

Brave "The Prize" - Trailer 2

Princess Merida defies her mother to defeat all the archers vying for her hand in an archery contest.

Brave - Trailer

Princess Merida defies custom to become an archer and defeat a beastly curse.